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Street lamp manufacturers solar street lamp anti-theft measures how should do?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-11

it is well known that the integration of solar street lamps promotion on the rural road construction is a very good advantage. Solar energy as a new type of renewable energy, the integration of solar street light on the rural roads can be used for energy conservation and energy utilization. Because of the high rural road light coverage, can absorb the sun light conversion of electricity use. And because the solar energy technology matures, solar panel efficiency can be enhanced, improved the working efficiency of the solar street light. We also know that distance downtown place many engineering contractor for construction neglect no security arrangement, lead to battery and panels and solar street lamps often can be stolen, this situation not only affects normal lighting also cause unnecessary damage to property, according to project cases, stolen is commonly battery and panels, in the face of such situation we should do solar street lamp anti-theft measures?

in order to reduce for the theft of solar street lamps, can from the following several aspects to strengthen management

(1) higher cost compared with the traditional light pole solar street lamps, and in the area of security and stability is not enough mature and perfect, should choose public places or safer place set up in the city, not easy to install in the suburban area;

2. Pay attention to the safety monitoring of solar street lamps, can be set up to monitor system in easy to steal places or install alarm system, so as to timely know the usage of solar street lamps and for effective management;

choose accord with a standard and quality of qualified control box and other materials, solar street lamps at the same time during the installation process to ensure that the solid parts installation meets the requirements, in order to ensure the consistence of solar street lamps, to a certain extent, can also play a security role.

, for the moment, become the two-way communication medium solar street lamps, solar street lamps in the modern city has two characteristics: one is public, the second is artistic. These two characteristics make solar garden light residents in the urban space good platform for communication and interaction. People will cultural implications in the design of solar street light, through the language of light to depict and said, become a kind of material expression of culture; At the same time, solar street lights are to the city's residents to convey the cultural information, both interaction.

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