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Street lamp manufacturers to introduce our solar street light controller of some of the characteristics and selection problem

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-11

from the perspective of energy use, solar street lights will be solar energy utilization technology and LED lighting technology together, is a new generation of energy and the perfect combination of a new generation of light source. Prof xu said, it is well known that the solar energy is a huge, infinite, clean and green energy, semiconductor light-emitting diode ( 领导) Is a kind of environmental protection, energy saving, high efficient solid state lighting, light the lamp of the organic combination of the two light outdoor space together, is a combination of energy saving, environmental protection. Solar street light is a kind of very good street lamp type, we are on the market with a wide range of types, such as a road that we are seeing our street lamps to light up automatically if a certain time, what it is through the principle has reached to the principle of? Street lamp manufacturers today is to introduce our LED solar street light controller, some characteristics and selection for you to understand.

security current constant current output due to the LED their needs through the technical means of constant current or current limiting, otherwise cannot work normally. General LED lights used way is usually with a driver for the LED constant current power supply, but it needs to bring on the power loss, made with independent drive power supply more electricity, so this way is not advisable.

solar controller can control the output time period have been set, the set time period started work output current.

the regulation of the output power in the application of solar energy street lamp, to adjust the power. Adjust power can control the brightness of the LED lights, such as street lamps in the morning adjustment into 30 w, late-night adjustment into 15 w energy saving, so lock the current both meets the requirements of lighting in the night, and save the overall configuration of battery, solar panels and budget, greatly effectively prolongs the service life of LED lights.

1。 Should choose low power consumption controller, the controller working 24 hours a day, as their power consumption is bigger, will be part of the electricity consumption, the power consumption of the good choice under 1 ma controller.

2。 Choose a controller of high charging efficiency, with MCT charging mode controller can automatically track panels, large current, especially in winter or insufficient light, MCT charging mode efficiency is about 20% higher than the other.

3。 Should choose to have two way to adjust power controller, adjust the power controller has been widely promotion, deserted in the night time can be automatically shut down all the way or two way lighting, save electricity, can also LED lights for power regulation. In addition to select the saving function, but also should pay attention to the protection function of controller for battery and other components, as has a trickle charge mode controller can very good protection batteries, increase the service life of battery, the other set controller under-voltage protection value, as far as possible the under-voltage protection value in 11 or higher. 1 v to prevent the battery discharge.

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