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Street lamp transformation - - - The mark of society continues to progress

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-03

now many young people may have not remember, before not now on the way to the bright lights, only every household lights shining in the evening. And now even a bit remote rural will lamp installation, and many times for street light, street light transformation represents what?

street lamp should be used very widely now, as long as it is in need of lighting places there will be a street lamp in the firm. But with the development of society and science and technology, the development of street lamp is also gradually, the new type of street lamp will take the place of the old street lamp, that is a kind of street lamp change trend.

one of which is to replace existing street lamp holder, to replace some traditional techniques of light all with new type of light source, can be energy saving, and environmental protection; Now, of course, the intelligence in the information age, intelligent street lamp will also arises at the historic moment, after all, is a new product of intelligence technology, it is also a street lamp.

now using streetlight renovation is generally are solar street lamp, the lamp is powered by solar energy as a kind of energy, the street lamp is more energy-saving green environmental protection. Actually street light transform the way there are many, but the real is not to use special ideal, don't do much introduced here.

street reform aims to further design can be used for a long time, low energy needs, and have high power new lights to at the same time, in order to benefit the people.

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