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Street light configuration affects the solar street light prices

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-01

now, with many more on rural construction, and many do we, and set up merchants garden, because in some rural or mountainous area lay in the street lamp is more difficult, but because of production and life, so there is demand for a large lighting, so choose the solar street light is better choice, that for most businesses, the price is the most worthy of concern of the solar street lamps, it talked about the price will have to mention the configuration of the solar street lamps.

we must first right according to the position of installing solar street lamp, to determine the height of the light pole, because of too high or too low for the efficiency of the use is not very good, the second is for the selection of the controller, because for most businesses, for the use of lamps and lanterns is the limit of time, if no one is in the night, open all night is very obviously not cost-effective, including the selection of lamps and lanterns of power, all need to consider according to the actual demand, too much power can cause unnecessary waste, power is too small, no effect on use, is to spend money, the last is the need to consider the actual weather conditions, like the south, the rainy season, the rainy season, if not more panels' storage effect, will affect the normal use, light enough in some areas can choose small solar panels, meet the daily normal use.

that is when the choose and buy solar street lights on a simple configuration problem, if you have any questions, you can directly communicate with us, I hope you can also has been paying attention to the update of this site.

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