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Street light project contains what content?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-03

street light project is very important in the life of a project, whenever the night we are rely on street lights to ensure our normal travel. And good street lamp project for city night lighting effects to add a unique color. Let me introduce to you the content of the street light project.

street light project to give priority to in order to ensure the security of our normal travel, so the location of the street lamp design is reasonable, to ensure that every road has a street lamp lighting, no dark corners. Also want to make sure that the number of street lamp is reasonable, as far as possible to avoid the lamp light overlap. So every street lamp position reasonable arrangement, and in order to beautiful, different placement also can bring certain influence.

street light project also includes the choice of street lamp, now has a variety of lamps, in addition to the previous lamps, now many places have devoted to solar street lamps use. Solar street light has many advantages, not only don't have to rely on our spending power, and in some circuit cannot be laid, we can also use it to achieve the lighting effect of what we need.

the night scenery of the city is usually a day in the most beautiful city for the first time, so the street light project will do a good job, also can increase the appearance of the city level. In some places in order to increase the ornamental, even with different color combination of street lamp.

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