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Street light transform what are the advantages?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-02

the pedestrian roads and residential lighting should be in the road, the average illuminance on the pavement of minimum intensity of illumination and vertical illumination as evaluation refers to using high power LED lights used for road lighting, compared with the traditional high pressure sodium lamp has incomparable advantages. Street lamp transformation is also prominent, the advantages of the next analysis analysis for you.

1, the luminescent mechanism is different, because the LED is a semiconductor device, the effective life of up to 50000 hours ( Namely after 50000 hours, light failure is less than 30%) , far higher than that of sodium lamp and metal halide lamp ( Their life in the 12000 - probably 15000 hours) 。

2, traditional gas discharge lamp, such as high pressure sodium lamp is started from time to tome a preheating process, which wastes energy and is not conducive to intelligent control; LED lights because the essence of the difference in light source, does not exist the problem of 'start time', and electricity can be immediately to work properly, can be very convenient to realize intelligent energy-saving control.

3, due to the traditional street lamps light source is used to light the mechanism of mercury vapor, therefore, the processing of waste light source is also the problem urgently to be solved in the world today, at the same time, the luminescence mechanism of traditional light source determines its harmful ultraviolet radiation. LED light source is a solid-state lighting, no harmful substances such as mercury elements, also won't emit ultraviolet, therefore, is the light source of environmental protection.

4, within the optical system, the traditional street lamp light source is omnidirectional light, half of the light is reflected by the reflector, the reflector is to absorb part of the light, so the light loss is larger. Due to the LED is a one-way light, the light utilization ratio is higher than the traditional street lamp.

5, traditional street lamps light distribution curve is determined by the reflector, and therefore has a certain limitation, while LED light source is a kind of distributed source, through the design of the electric light source, make the light source of lamps and lanterns is the ideal bat wing shape, through reasonable control the distribution of the light, make the road flare rectangular, in the effective range, higher intensity of illumination evenness.

6, more perfect automatic control ( Optional) : according to the needs of different periods set different brightness, more can improve the effect of energy saving. Such as 7 PM when light is 200 w, in the middle of the night 12 o 'clock people, automatically adjust the brightness of 100 w, which also can save electricity 60 w.

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