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CHZ Outdoor LED street light function:

LED chip: Using PHILIPS brand chip, with high efficiency and long service life > 50000 hours.

Power: CHZ LED street lights use Meanwell or Inventronics driver, IP66 and high quality to improve streetlight performance. Power efficiency ≥ 0.95.

Color Temperature: LED street lights provide a color temperature range of 3000, 4000, 5000, 5700, and 6500 Kelvin to help improve the appearance of the building.

Optics: Optical component seals with IP66 protection. The LED optical system fixture maximizes light to the target area for improved light uniformity.

Enclosure: Fishbone efficient radiator with elegant appearance. The die-cast aluminum housing is electrostatically sprayed, sprayed with a polyester powder coating, treated with an anti-corrosive primer, and cured in a 180oC oven.

Cable: Silicone rubber cable for power input. Secure it in the cable gland with screws.

Warranty: 5 year warranty for the entire luminaire. Do not attempt to disassemble the casing as this will break the seal and void all warranties.

Certification: ENEC TUV RoHS certification.

Quality Control: Strict product testing includes high and low temperature testing, waterproof testing, shock testing, aging testing, tensile testing, salt spray testing, etc. to ensure long-term performance

Outdoor LED street light application:

1. Main road and elevated road lighting

2. Parking and park lighting.

3. Road and street lighting.

4. Bridge and school lighting.

5. Square, garden and other outdoor lighting.

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