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Street lighting installation two factors to consider

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-01

in life, it is not hard to see rows and rows of orderly street lights, so there will be a lot of people curious street lighting arrangement spacing also have requirements? In fact, for there is a street lamp installation spacing requirements. Of course there are many factors affecting lamp installation spacing also. So what is the specific factors affecting installation space? Professional street light manufacturer will tell you this problem, so you can understand what reasonable spacing of the lamps in the role.

1。 In general, the height of the lamp will directly affect the distance between the lamp. The higher the height of the lamp, street light, the greater the distance between the opposite. Because the higher the height of the lamp, the lighting area, the greater the distance with that of the bare ground, the greater the lights so at this point the spacing should be reasonable. A simple example, a 4 meters compared to the street lamp and a 6 meters of street lamp is easy to see. The light from the street lamp 4 meters area is smaller than the light from the street lamp 6 meters area, so the street lamp installation distance should be 4 meters, to ensure that the overall smooth effect.

2。 Second is the lamp power, usually in the same height, the greater the power, the larger the street lamp spacing should be set. This is in order to obtain more effective illumination. Above is consider the points when you install street lamp in adjusting spacing factor, hope I can help you better understand, if you want to know more information about street light, can be read on this web site.

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