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Street lighting management maintenance problems

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-01

urban lighting regulation has many defects, is bound to cause unnecessary consumption, especially the consumption of power resources. Street lamp management, therefore, should pay attention to how to just can meet the actual requirements at any time, there have a purpose to solve the defects, improve street lamp lighting technology, organization system and management mechanism of jointly safeguard function, insist on ascension street light use efficiency, reduce the burden of middle and later operations, to avoid resource consumption level of effort.

in many engineering, heavy construction, light maintenance, light regulation problem is still more common. In particular, in view of the middle and later maintenance and management work is slow a beat, cause in the project after acceptance, many engineering effect rate of the light and lamps and lanterns can't maintain standards before the inspection charge for a long time. In the final analysis is lacking in the equipment maintenance management system guarantee and inter-disciplinary talent, caused the equipment maintenance responsibility implementation of lamps and lanterns, looking for the actual entity undertaking and grasp delicate street lights maintenance technology problem obviously.

, for example, in the work, often to distinguish between regulatory responsibilities according to the types of structural street lamp unit, which is caused by light, bridge or other regulatory responsibility main body, of course, will cause the conflicting policies from different departments, authority is not clear, pass the buck to each other and other problems. Maintenance of the lamps in the same area, may belong to different regulatory unit, what is more, maintenance of the lamps in the same area is divided into light, road and bridge, and other units. In these units, regulation of vague and functions and street lighting maintenance to carry out the shortcomings such as slow often happens, the other nearby residents travel cannot guarantee safe at night.

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