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Street lighting to promote low-carbon urban environmental protection

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-01

in the urban construction, street lamp is indispensable important facilities, it is at night to provide enough brightness, pedestrians and vehicles safe passage. However, a lot of street lamp has brought the huge power consumption, especially in the peak season, to the development of urban and environmental impact. So, in order to improve the defect, street lamp lighting launched many environmental model, not only can save power, at the same time also has solar products for energy use more diversified.

there are a number of traditional street lamp products are too focus on appearance, ignoring the practicability, street lighting are reserved and concise design, on the basis of independent research and development some new products, to advocate environmental protection industry in the country, have energy-saving technology products can obtain sustainable development, get more consumer's approval.

at present, street lighting can support power, it also has the function of solar, when cloudy can't collect solar energy, can enable the back-up power as a supplement, but in most cases, the street lamp solar collecting board after all day in the sun, basic can meet the demand of practical application. A year, the street lamp can save more electricity, perhaps the early stage of the purchase and installation cost will be a little higher, but with the passage of time, such solutions instead of more money.

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