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Street reconstruction of three kinds of way do you know?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-02

when it comes to street lamp, because it is based on the modification of existing street lamp, so for most of us, if not carefully distinguish in the life, actually it is hard to find, but now the street lamp transformation is the more common things, especially the urban development earlier, began to do public infrastructure construction has been more perfect, so in the later period, especially in advocate green environmental protection now, so use way of raise the use efficiency of street lamp, street lamp now there are three ways, and small make up together to learn about the next.

1。 In lamp holder

most of the lamps in the past are all with high pressure sodium lamp, because such a source used when the wattage, increase for also caused great waste of electricity, so most of them are now replace with led light source, also the efficiency of the use of some less.

2。 Installed single lamp controller

is now the street lamps use of existing Internet of things technology, can realize the control of street lamp air filter, more intelligent control, can improve the efficiency of the actual use, can also reduce unnecessary waste.

3。 Converted into solar energy street light

because of the popularity of solar products now, so for some weather conditions comparison good area to switch to solar street lamps, can reduce the use of electricity, can also full use of natural resources, green environmental protection and energy saving.

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