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Street reconstruction, say what are the influence factors of street lamp price

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-02

items there are good, so the price also is to have high low, we are now have a lot of street lamp in modification, so today street lamps are transformed to say what are the influence factors of street lamp price? Now street lamps in all kinds of garden scenic spot, the courtyard villas, and played an important role in urban and rural road lighting, using street lamp can not only ensure good lighting effects, but also can decorate the environment. As a new type of street lamp is very popular, many people want to know the lamp price.

we have to say are those factors in affecting the street lamp, one is that the configuration of lamplight, due to different configuration will affect the street light price, the higher the configuration, the higher the price of the street lamp. Different configuration of street lamps are much different in performance, high configuration of street lamp, although price is high, but the use effect is better, so it is very popular in the market. Then there is the height of the street lamp, lamp pole height will impact the street light price, can choose light pole height, the higher the altitude, the street light price is also higher.

some street light where both are the same, but we can see his brand, has the brand effect of street lamp is slightly more expensive. Brand affect the price of street light, the more big brands of lamps and lanterns, the price will be higher. But even so, people still like to choose the brand lamps and lanterns, because the brand more has some security, after all.

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