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Street & Road lighting is related to the safety of pedestrians and vehicles. It mainly undertakes to create a good environment, which can effectively improve the safety and efficiency of transportation, perfecting urban functions and beautifying the environment. So selecting professional street luminaires is important.


Due to the long-term use of road lighting outdoors, the environmental conditions are relatively harsh, so it must meet the requirements of optical performance, mechanical strength, dust-proof, waterproof and corrosion resistance, heat resistance, electrical insulation performance, weight, installation, maintenance, and appearance. Compared to traditional lights, LED street lights have a longer service life and lower energy consumption, resulting in significant cost savings on electricity bills. As a professional LED street light factory & manufacturer, CHZ Lighting provides quality LED street light fixtures wholesale & professional street lighting solutions. We have wide range of types of LED street light fixtures for selection. Not matter you are looking for roadway lighting fixtures, residential street lights, highway lighting fixtures, garden street lighting, or other outdoor street luminaires, high output or low output street lamps, CHZ Lighting has the perfect choice.

Street Lighting Solution

In addition to the functional lighting of the driving part, it is also necessary to illuminate the green belts and architectural features on both sides of the road. The decorative function of street lighting projects has gradually received attention.

Street Lighting Solution - CHZ Lighting

Road Lighting Solution

Urban infrastructure construction is gradually improving, and the density of road network in the city center is constantly increasing. The function of road lighting projects is no longer just lighting and safety, but will also enhance the urban cultural and artistic atmosphere, show the city's uniqueness, and enhance people's sense of happiness. Reflect a The cultural characteristics of the city.

Road Lighting Solution - CHZ Lighting

Roadway Lighting Solution

The lighting of main roads and secondary roads should play the role of urban lighting environment, so as to achieve the harmony and unity of functionality and decoration.

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