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Successful completion of solar street lamp renovation project in KANO of Nigeria

Successful completion of solar street lamp renovation project in KANO of Nigeria


KANO, an important town in northern Nigeria, is the second most populous city in Nigeria, located on the plateau at the upper reaches of the Hadejia River. It was originally a transportation fortress for West Africa to trade camel caravans with North Africa and East Africa through the Sahara. Known as the "desert port", KANO is now an important industrial and commercial town and cultural and transportation center in northern Nigeria, as well as a modern land and air transportation hub in West Africa, Modern highways radiate from the city center in all directions; The railway leads to Lagos and Harcourt Port; Modern large international airports, with direct flights to Karachi to the east, New York to the west, and Rome and London to the north.

Recently, our company completed the renovation project of solar street lights in a residential area of KANO City in northern Nigeria. The residential area is an area with a concentration of wealthy people, but the street lights previously installed, which had both mains and solar power, were in disrepair and almost never lit up. We now need a complete renovation, but we require high-quality and low-priced solar street lights. Therefore, we recommend the new CHZ-SRL01 economical solar street light.

This product adopts a high brightness SMD2835 chip, a 3.2V high-energy lithium battery, a 5V single crystal solar panel, and a new intelligent MPPT controller equipped with an infrared sensor; At the same time, the lamp body uses high-strength ABS engineering materials to replace traditional aluminum, greatly reducing costs, and has good heat dissipation and UV resistance performance. Once launched, this product won widespread favor in the market.

The previous height of the light pole in this area was 6.5 meters, so we used a power of 120W and a beam angle of 90 °.

Because it is an integrated solar street light, installation is simple and efficient. More than 200 sets of solar street lights can be installed in 3 days. As soon as it got dark, all the lights turned on coincidentally, bright as day, and the effect was very good, attracting many residents to come out and watch.

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