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sumo: installation of led street lights soon | patna news - times of india

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-07
Patna: Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi said on Friday that as part of the National Plan for Central street lights, all municipal companies and city local agencies in the state will soon install LED street lights to save electricity (SLNP).
Modi said the center placed more emphasis on replacing the country\'s traditional light bulbs for street lamps with LED lights as it would save 9 billion units of electricity in the country.
Energy efficiency Service Co. , Ltd (EESL)
It is a joint venture of the public sector company of the Ministry of Electricity and will soon begin installing new LED street lamps in the state.
A survey by EESL in the area under the municipal company of Biharsharif shows that civic groups will save Rs 1.
\"By installing LED street lights, 31 crore per year,\" Modi added . \".
He added that after the state cabinet agreed to implement SLNP in the state, a memorandum of understanding (MoU)
Will be signed with EESL in this regard.
\"In the three stages, LED lights will be installed on all electrical poles in the town.
The street light will be replaced within 72 hours if needed, \"said the CM representative.
Modi added that EESL will enter into separate agreements with municipal companies and city local agencies to implement SLNP.
The meeting held on Friday by state minister for urban development and housing Suresh Sharma discussed the outstanding features of the new facility.
The representative of EESL also attended the meeting.
Officials say EESL will replace traditional street lights with LED lights in the first phase.
In the second phase, LED lights will be fixed on all Poles without street lights.
Finally, the pole will be erected in the untouched area of Phase 3 and LED lights will be installed.
At the same time, the deputy minister was recently appointed as convener of the group of state finance ministers to study issues related to the GST Network (GSTN)
Go to Bangladesh for a meeting on Friday.
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