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Sustainable tropical journey

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-03-21
We bought 2 hectares (about 5 hectares )., Philippines.When I first posted this blog, only the pumphhouse was being built and we have built a large barn and now live in the apartment above.Our dream is to get out of the grid and sustain ourselves as much as possible.Dave is using green technologies such as solar lighting and using as many natural materials as possible.
We have 5 bamboo forests in the hotel and are able to selectively harvest enough bamboo as the siding of the local pump room.We are using recycled materials such as broken tiles and bamboo scraps from towel poles and cabinet handles, which are used by carpenters to burn!Finally, I would like to try aerial gardening.This saves water and soil.We have started harvesting rain water, recycling gray water, using worms (such as earthworms farming) to process household waste, and growing our own food by using organic farming practices of compost made from worms.
Oh!We also drive electric motorcycles.
We call it the electric carabao (Buffalo) and use the electric farm vehicle.This blog is how we started with the pump house cabin, which was also used as the first shower room and eating area as we planned our next move.Because we live outside the city, it is sometimes difficult to ship supplies here, so the next building is a large barn that can store supplies in the rain.
It was too big and we also decided to put an apartment upstairs so we could watch the workers when we built the Ain house.Sometimes things don\'t always go where you tell them, like walls and pipes!!July 21, 2010 -Before we do anything, we realize that we need tap water;Our own water.Our admins walked 1/2 kilometers to a well and went back to wash the dishes and bathe with buckets!It\'s hard drilling.
So far, one of the problems with urban construction is skilled labor and high-tech equipment.A young man from balanjie came up and served him, so we went with him.He and I used his metal road to do magic for water, one of the two places we found.
It took them a week to find the water, but at 50 feet we finally found the gold.Our first step in self-sufficiency!Not to mention, our admins are much easier than walking half a kilometer to the community well and dragging the plastic jars back!Aug.6, 2010 -This is the first step we have taken.
After the inspection, we decided to extend the cement board to 16X16 m and build a natural cabin around the cement board.There is nothing but the caretaker cottage on the farm.We had no place to sit in the shade except by their cottage.
We decided to expand the slate so that not only could the cottage accommodate well equipment, but it could also provide us with a private shower area and a small balcony that would keep us away from the sun and away from the caretaker cottage, so we can have a little bit of privacy.Our electric tricycle is parked under the stairs.This blog is out of date, but how do we get started with pumphouse is still showing progress here.
Here is the original pumphouse, which is now two years old.This deck leads to the apartment we built on the converted barn.Dave made a set of all-bamboo toys for our 4-year-old daughter, Alisa.
This is an upper deck with swings, slides, sandboxes and small covers.All the bamboo comes from our woods.The local cottage on the left is the one I built on this page.It\'s two years old now!The plants here grow very fast.
We added more solar panels (not shown) to the roof of the main house, which can run all the lighting.Three years later, we had to replace the native nipa thatch on the pump house.We have now covered it with a net to prevent the chicken from catching it.
The plants ahead are much larger than in January 2012.This is the view on my front steps.The far left is one of the benches on the steps leading to our personal apartment and my local office deck.This is a muddy walk to the pump house and the animal shelter.
To protect it, we put the bamboo on the sofa bench and also put the bamboo roof.We have a great outdoor seating area right now.We put a bamboo path, got the mud down, and the rain could dry under.
No more animals.
This is where I work.
This is the case inside the deck.
It\'s on the level of the tree, so when I look out from the deck, all I see is green.For the sake of expediency, when we were in a hurry to move in, we just surrounded the green house around and wouldn\'t let the bugs in!I asked them to make the traditional slatted bamboo flooring so it stays cool and at the same time, it comforts me with lots of lovely childhood memories.There are a lot of coconuts in the hotel. we drank a lot of coconut water in green coconuts and coconut milk in Curry.
I decided that we should make a virgin coconut oil or VCO ourselves.The 2 bottles in the photo used 10 coconuts.I know why it\'s so expensive now!However, we make orchid stand from hard shell with Shell, bowl and lampshade, water separated from milk can ferment into vinegar, ground and pressed coconut meat is used as a soil conditioner and feed for the chicken we like it.
So we live on an island with limited garbage capacity.Sales of water in plastic bottles have been upgraded.We are recycling as much as we can.Using plastic bottles as hanging pots is an idea I got from Facebook and I feel it is a great use of bottles.
In addition, local schools have become interested in teaching children to do so and have become a school program.Our carpenter used the roof of the Nipa for the rattan line.From our own bamboo forest.They are making strips for the siding of the pump house.
One of the problems with bamboo if it is not treated by termite is to eat quickly!One way to preserve bamboo is to soak it in seawater for a month.We may have to build a slot to soak them in salt water because we don\'t have a waterfront property and we can keep an eye out for them when we soak bamboo.Huge bamboo with lots of thorns.It turns out that our bamboo forest is called thorns.
Some of the best bamboo buildings around.
Sustainable Development.
The shoots are edible and the walls are thick, and because of the thorny stems, it is not penetrating to plant as a fence.The leaves are the vomiting agent of the worm, and the thorny stems are used for paper making!Bamboo poles can grow to 150 feet tall.Our 5 Woods will continue to give us wood to build our cottage if we are careful.
In the rainy season, I can see more than 1 feet new shoots grow almost every day!Coconut water, or locally known as Bucco juice, is the purest liquid after the water itself.It is rich in electrolyte, calcium, potassium and magnesium;Everything that is good for you.Sept.15, 2010 -All the wood is local and our own woods are made of bamboo.
Dave installed solar panels so there would be lighting in the cabin at night.There are two 12 volt energy-saving bulbs that run all night and run out of Dave\'s recycled batteries.He found that the car and motorcycle batteries released enough energy from the solar panels to do the job!So, don\'t throw away the car batteries that people use to illuminate their area with solar energy.
This is a big savings in the upfront cost!Two more to go...Made of bamboo from our own woods.When we put in the well and drink water with a hand pump, we want to connect a motor and water tank, but be able to switch back the hand pump on the Brown outside.Then, as we had to build a building on the motor, we decided to expand it to accommodate the closed shower area where the well was exposed to the street.
In this way, we can clean and change at the end of the day in privacy and dry places.We also didn\'t stay away from the caretaker\'s cottage, so we expanded the building to the back so we could have a balcony in the shade to relax.The shower only needs to spray bamboo with something that is anti-termite and then paint it so that the water is not watered so quickly.
I put the sink outside the shower room so that someone can brush their teeth or wash their hands when someone else takes a shower.The whole pump room is illuminated by solar energy.June -2012 -We found these new solar LED bulbs in town.
They are rated at 5 watts.
When we install them and turn them on one night, they are brighter than our energy-saving bulbs!We have now installed about 6 throughout the hotel.They rarely use our battery storage, so I can now run a battery on my desk all day instead of a light bulb!Yay!The Pump Room is now 3/4 complete!Yahoo...Next is the interior windows, walls and doors!Just a few last touches and we can hang out soon!Oct.
9-2010 -Finally done!Mostly!The cement floor has just been stained with red cement dyes.We recycled some broken tiles and used them on the sink and shower room.Bamboo boards are hand cut by local carpenters from our Grove and placed with my design.
Windows open to the shower area.
The background is the solar street light leading to the caretaker cabin.A lot has been done now.The only thing missing is the cabinet door under the sink.There is now a covered sofa bench and a bamboo walkway on one side of the pump room.
Three years later, how different it looks now!Hanging door decoration made of recycled tetra bag.Our bamboo worker\'s wife is made of potato chip snacks they eat and seeds they find on their property.I want her to teach others in the village, buy them from her and sell them.
They already have orders!The shower door is inside.I want the material to come from our own land, so it takes longer than buying a ready-made door.Good results, right?The wall panels are pre-made and sold by locally grown materials and then manufactured in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.
There is only red cement dye cement on the floor.We used recycled tiles in the shower.I gave my idea to the workers and they carried it out.However, there is no grouting yet.The cost of tiles is about 6.$52 for all the tiles in the shower and sink area, and leftovers for everything else.
Bought from a local hardware store.
This is an area I can\'t wait to do.
We finally had a small place in the shade to think about our next steps and to go somewhere to wash our faces and wash our hands at the end of the day.There are few portable dingbenzene cookers on our counter, so now we can make hot coffee or tea or even make a meal.The cabin is in a shower area so we can clean it after getting dirty all day and don\'t have to wait until we get home to clean it up.
Since we can\'t go out and buy cabinet doors that look like this, they have to do everything from scratch on the bamboo poles of our grove!The same is true of the side panels facing the three sides of the street.The back wall where the sink is located is facing the back of the hotel so we justLet siding speed up there!The local carpenter made the cabinet handle with bamboo scraps after I taught them how to do it.Cement was left on the floor and Terracotta Warriors were added.
This is just a close look at the recycled tile sink and cabinets.The door of the cabin is fixed!Sink on the other side of the terrace.Can\'t wait to hang out on the little terrace and plan the next building.
There are emergency lights on the road to the caretaker\'s cottage.The Pump Room has changed too much.There are bamboo tables and plants now!I can\'t even believe how much they grew up in 6 months!Since then, we have built a tall and wide barm, and we are committed to building a loft apartment on it and adding a natural deck made of cogon thatch.We built a barn to store supplies, which is not always easy to get to protect them from the rain.
We overbuilt it so we also added a loft apartment above the workshop.There is now a closed kitchen with shower and toilet.We added a kitchen in the workshop area, a commode, originally kithchen, so we were comfortable on a day trip.
But after building these, we saw the potential to build an apartment above the work area.This is the front porch now.We added some finishing touches, such as stepping back on the landing steps of the stairs.This is because when we take off our shoes and some decorative bamboo fascia on the bench, our shoes don\'t fall on the ground all the time.
The original Pump Room is on the left side of the back.As far as plants are concerned, they have grown so much in less than two years!Dec-2012 -We do have quite a bit of power supply here.This was taken during one of these periods.
We can hardly feel it.
We also use LED bulbs and LED strips/rope lights in our place.These will be ready soon..yummy.I am glad to see that we already have a small portion of bananas on our farm.I look forward to these growth.Mascovado natural sugar is very caramel!Or roll in the lumpia wrapper, Fry, and apply caramel sugar.
All bananas are a good source of natural potassium.We did put a small tilipia fish pond.We can enjoy fresh fish at any time now.One day, if we can get anyone to help us with this, we want to connect it to the avionics system.At the same time, when we want fresh fish, we don\'t have to buy from fishermen or wet markets.
Okra planted on our farm.
When we bought the farm, the nursing people had a lot of okra and they had to leave it for us.We have eaten okra as much as possible, including raw okra in the salad.OK, I like okra very much.There is a clam on the way to the farm.I always buy a few kilos to share with guests and workers.
I fired this day.
©D volunteers with onions, garlic, ginger and peppers in the wild garden, then put them into clams.The main broth when cooking clams is delicious and the rice is delicious!This heart-shaped, orange-Yellow summer fruit is said to be one of the best sources of vitamin.Eating Tiago is like eating cooked kamote (sweet potato) because it has fiber, stickiness and thick flesh.
We have a space next to the first building, which is the pump house that is not used.Since we didn\'t have a comfortable place to sit outside, I asked our carpenter to build me a covered bench area.The window behind the sofa is the window of the original Pump Room, which has recently been converted into a laundry room and still has the original broken tile floor, which is Dave\'s shower room.
On the right is an add-on to the original Pump Room, with a bamboo stool table in front of the animal room.My mother gave me this hen and 4 chickens.The previous tenants left a small chicken house, so it seemed logical to put them there.
Unfortunately, a snake came and ate the chicken for two days in front of the hen.She suffered a lot of trauma, and when she lay eggs again, she placed them behind the chacoal cookware, the caretaker, and since then she hatched them, bring them during the day but by night she wants to go back to the local cottage!It had a broken foot more than a month ago.We can never catch it to fix our feet.Now it will not leave the hotel and the feet have healed in the back position.
Poor thing.
It doesn\'t seem to suffer anymore, but it knows it\'s safe on our farm.June 2010-Go to the farm today.The Mangingisda Pier Luzviminda is just a few minutes away from the farm.It was very hot on June. we drove to the dock to cool off.Although there is Bangka in this place, the water is clear and emerald green with white sand under it.
We were told there was also a white beach nearby but we didn\'t get a chance to find it.From this dock, electric pump boats take passengers to the Princesa Baywalk Pier every hour.I split the shower, toilet and sink into three parts for convenience.
This way, because this is a shared space, someone can go to the toilet, wash their hands and take a bath without disturbing or waiting for anyone.You can\'t see the shower room, but it\'s right next door to the commode area.As we are in the exploratory phase, please send us links or make useful comments so that we can build a better sustainable community.
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