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Suzhou industrial park, the east gate deformation, jinji lake look brand-new

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-03

recently, suzhou industrial park, the night view of the photo in the circle of friends to refresh! Is maxed out!

music fountain with the east gate of light, it's cool Fried day!

this is what circumstance?

official authoritative news

at present, the park is conducting ring jinji lake night view lighting comprehensive promotion project.

by the comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau to organize the implementation of ring jinji lake night view lighting comprehensive upgrade project, at the end of December 2018 to determine the overall concept, clear with 'colorful door, the light of modern' as the theme, on the basis of abundant lake landscape lighting levels, improve landmark building features to implement comprehensive ascension.

the key to build the door of the west lake east and suzhou center overall picture linkage, construction of public areas of the lake landscape lighting, give attention to two or morethings koto cowan says center, owner of the center and the ferris wheel unit with ascending simultaneously.

so far, ring jinji lake comprehensive advance engineering has been basically completed, night view lighting the scene debugging, the perfect plan to officially open to the public in the middle of April!

so beautiful scenery, thanks to park construction in 25 years always attaches great importance to urban nightscape lighting work, night view lighting in the city planning and construction and management has made significant achievements.

the comprehensive promotion project, promoted what aspects?

ring jinji lake landmark building

the door of the east and suzhou center media facade linkage: east gate 1. Article 30000 full-color LED lamps and lanterns, controlled by 8 period of pixels per meter, with the overall media on both sides of the suzhou center 7 building facade linkage, forming rich delicate 'door' of colorful pictures.

koto cowan says center 'big pearl' : the gold center 'ribbon', ferris wheel, through the transformation, the formation of multi-level architecture lighting and environment colour light combination, make the koto light of the 'modern' and the door of the west lake east of buildings 'colorful gate' summit.

public areas of the lake landscape

jinji lake island of inner ring and exquisite, peach blossom island, jinji lake southeast and northwest revetment lines, northwest and north building skyline realize flood lighting.

important roads and upgrading regional landscape lighting

this area include: our new street ( Su Hong road - - - - - - - Gen yuan road) , the ambassador road, mong block road ( The right bank street - - - - - - - Our new street section) And the river, The right bank street - - - - - - - Nancy street) 。

rope hook edge

LouJiang south workshop ( Star - hangzhou street Our new street)

it is understood that the promotion transformation all adopt energy saving LED light source, lamps and lanterns, as far as possible to reduce the overall energy consumption.

good expectation in mid-april that more beautiful big park!

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