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Suzhou-jiaxing-hangzhou expressway history. the fitted with 265 sets of LED lights

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-23

and after September 20 preliminary debugging, September 22 at night, suzhou-jiaxing-hangzhou expressway history. the period of formal lights, 265 sets of LED lights for two-way 7. 2 km of the high-speed road smooth add a charming city.

suzhou-jiaxing-hangzhou expressway company officials said the suzhou-jiaxing-hangzhou expressway K94 + 400 to K98 road ( History. the ramp toll station to history. the main toll station) Evening course at ordinary times, mostly big trucks, to night traffic accident black spot, the move aims to improve the visibility of driving at night, to improve traffic conditions, to reduce the number of traffic accidents.

suzhou-jiaxing-hangzhou expressway and traffic police and highway departments after many analysis discussion, decided to the implementation of a section of rope. Since June 1 this year starts, suzhou-jiaxing-hangzhou expressway history. the main line and ramp, the place such as bridge installed in succession 265 sets of LED street lamp, lit up the road completely.

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