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Suzhou wujiang district plans to 3 years to complete 100000 streetlights LED energy-saving renovation

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-23

a few days ago, suzhou wujiang district administration of city news, according to according to the wisdom city three years plan of action, benchmarking wujiang district plans to use three years to complete the entire district 100000 streetlights LED energy saving renovation of complete single lamp intelligent control in the construction at the same time, improve the overall level of urban lighting management.

at present, the wujiang city lighting has been set up information management platform, and complete the 34763 streetlights single lamp construction of intelligent control, realized the digital and intelligent operations, make wujiang district road lighting at present domestic leading NB - size IoT( Low power consumption wide area network) Intelligent street light network.

the wujiang area through the install the Internet of things in the street lights single lamp controller, composed of lighting 'neural network', implement every street lamp automatic point-to-point dimmer, open to turn off the lights, automatic fault alarm, asset management, and other functions. Custody personnel based on a single lamp system can real-time control the running status of each lamp posts in the boost daily management efficiency and management level of refinement. Wujiang area by adopting high efficiency LED light source and call the light of humanity, street lamp energy saving rate was 68. 4%, the average illuminance on the road and the pavement evenness get improved.

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