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Swedish Volvo plant using intelligent lighting system, the standard production operation

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-26

according to foreign media reports, at present, the Swedish Volvo factories are run by renewable energy.

in Boras, Volvo buses factory produced every year is about 10000 bus chassis, about 300 employees, the use of energy including biofuels and hydroelectric power.

the factory production manager Joakim Wretman said: 'we are very proud, through the use of renewable resources to reduce carbon emissions, and we buy all energy is clean energy. '

he added:' electricity from hydropower, our district heating is provided by the biofuel, while the forklift factory run on electricity or HVO, this is a kind of renewable fuel. '

, he explained, the factory has made many changes, reduce 15% of the energy consumption of the plant.

these measures include using leds to replace fluorescent light bulbs, and automatically adjust the scene lighting, only use it at the beginning of the production.

he added: 'we also make sure that you do not need to open the electricity when don't need to use equipment. '

the use of factory management lighting, and make sure that in the right place and right time with the right lighting. For this reason, the factory added automatic control, including the motion sensor and optical sensors.

it is understood that the lighting lighting system allows companies to reasonable planning schedule, for different activities with different illumination mode, reduce the level of lighting in a timely manner. And configure the motion sensor smart + connected lighting system can display the different area in different times of the space usage.

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