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Swiss pharmaceutical giant roche is experimenting with networking intelligent LED office lighting

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-18

according to foreign media reports, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant roche ( Roche) Is experimenting with sensor connection LED office lighting. Sensor can record the staff how to use the office space, and help managers decide how best to use the area.

roche Grenzach - in Germany Wyhlen factory installed a set of xin fly system, the use of office software sensor platform is Interact, covered with a layer of office and meeting rooms, covers an area of about 501 square meters.

roche installed about 100 tube lights and 26 controlled by DALI technology independent lamp.

roche digital property manager Tobias Bachtold said, 'intelligent lighting solutions is the key driver behind the trace space usage', 'according to these data, real estate and facilities management can be provided insight into the area. This can be optimized space or operating process, such as clean. '

in addition, the company also use the Internet of things ( 物联网) System in the central computer information kiosks display a map, in order to help visitors find the specific location.

he said, 'know our building usage is critical for roche's today and future', 'by iot sensor and use Interact Office lighting system the collected data, provides great convenience for us to analyze the data, both occupancy rate and the number of meeting rooms, etc. '

project started in December 2017. At present, roche has not eager to further deployment, but for networking or intelligent lighting system is very interested in, if the pilot is successful, will consider using in roche's other factory.

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