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System composition of a new type of low-carbon, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving solar lawn lamp

by:CHZ     2021-07-18
The boost IC on the solar lawn lamp can automatically switch between charging and discharging behaviors. When the solar panel senses the sun during the day, it will automatically turn off the light and switch to the charging state. When the night falls, the solar panel can’t sense it. When the sun is in the sun, it will automatically enter the battery discharge state to turn on the lights. The boost IC on the solar lawn lamp can boost the output voltage of the 1.5V rechargeable battery to 3.6V.  The lighting time of solar lawn lights can be set according to user requirements. For the same area, it is directly related to the selection ratio of solar cell modules and storage batteries. On the premise that the power of the light source is determined, the larger the power of the solar cell module and the capacity of the battery are selected, the longer the lighting time can be guaranteed, and vice versa. The standard system configuration should generally guarantee 5-10 hours of lighting time per day. A set of circuit board IC should be equipped with a No. 5 rechargeable battery that can drive 1-7 LED light-emitting diodes, using multiple sets of circuit board ICs and so on; the integrated circuit of the solar lawn light controller and some edge components, mainly Functions include charging circuit, driving circuit, photosensitive control circuit and pulse width modulation circuit, etc. The controller has high conversion efficiency: 80~85% (typical value), which can reduce the power requirement of the solar cell version; the voltage is 0.9V (maximum); the output current is adjustable.

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