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Taichung last for LED street lamp, halogen lamp replacement of energy conservation and environmental protection

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-22

, taichung city, more than 200000 street lamp, in the city after the replacement of more than 92000 mercury lamp lights for the energy-saving LED lights, and interrogating 52 less than road illumination, yesterday ( 28) , construction bureau, said the 388 lamps halogen lamp for LED street light bulbs, can save about 726000 yuan per month ( Nt, hereinafter the same) Electricity can save 8. 71 million yuan a year, spending.

the former mayor Lin chia-lung the mercury lamp sunset program, be carried out in accordance with the central subsidies for the 'ministry' energy more than 7. 4. 9 billion yuan, the city of more than 92000 lamp that mercury lamp tide to more energy-saving LED lights, and apply for electric power equipment changes, not only save a large amount of maintenance funds, every year the city library save 100 million multivariate electricity; The LED street lamp to replace mercury lamps, can reduce about 45272 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year, equivalent to open 88 Taipei da-an park carbon reduction.

construction bureau, points out that the city is dealt with after the old street lamp bulbs, also assist please tune taipower ', taichung city, more than 60000 remaining old street lamp power list, and invite the Taiwan electrical and inventory subcounty administrative office research, such as record on the street lamp to repeal or energy saving lamps and lanterns, the change for the electricity to the electric appliances, mining and energy saving lamps and lanterns of tariff rate calculation, reduce electricity bills, reduce the financial burden.

in addition, street lamps inventory should be carried out in the night, a total of inventory for 62515 old street light, the light of 8900 streetlights for LED street light bulbs, 4000 streetlights abolition of electricity, and 388 old street lamp for LED bulbs, preliminary assessment can save about 726000 yuan per month street light electricity, can save 8. 71 million yuan a year, reduce the city electricity expenses.

construction bureau chief Chen Datian said, to reduce the financial burden on the city library and the city in addition to strive to reduce energy consumption and to carry out the energy conservation and carbon reduction policy, the future will continue to promote the old bulbs lamps and lanterns, the purpose of environmental protection.

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