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Taiwan environmental protection agency (epa) plans to set before the end of the light pollution management guidance

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-11

large LED advertising car shuttle, the city is filled with LED billboards, light box advertising, neon lights, dazzling light every night was interfering with people line of sight, even in the homes affect sleep. Taiwan epa recently developed business meetings, to develop by the end of 'light pollution management guidance', as a whole all outdoor lighting source in Taiwan with vertical illuminance, from street lights, traffic lights, advertising signs to the light source, let the related units according to guide to revise specification.

metropolitan area business flourish, light source is complex. Taipei 2012 and prepare draft light pollution autonomous decree, and excess light up one hundred thousand yuan ( Nt) , but have yet to review, kaohsiung has had the same calls will fizzle out.

in 2015, hon hai and light pollution, and those who complain to life park before the opening of the building external wall two huge LED advertising billboard night will transform the light color, just like a colorful light, residents difficult to fall asleep, passing motorists eyesight whiting, endangers safety. But light pollution autonomous regulations still hasn't been through north city, the city can only be moral suasion, or find other building codes 'indirect' intervention.

blasts of heavily last year to build a car large LED advertising propaganda from third-hand smoke absorption, light animation, dazzling dazzling block line of sight, the night also downtown at ximending 'streets', motorcycle race to complain about. Legislative ban, but blasts of response advertising vehicle is 'qualified modified', also could not be tube.

the environmental protection agency (epa) statistics, nearly three time pollution by about one thousand three hundred cases, 94% concentrated all six case, up to 51% and 39% of them are from Taipei city to new city, north to advertising light source by the most cases, most complain too bright and flashing, home environment and affect sleep.

the environmental protection agency (epa) empty confirmed in section chief Xie Renshuo pointed out that people have two indicators about light feeling, 'brightness' decision or not, the dazzling 'vertical illumination' is similar to feel light and shade. The epa to establish light pollution management guidelines, the draft plan brightness 650 per meter under the candlelight, similar to the brightness of the at home watching TV, don't too dazzling; Vertical order of 25 lux, can restrict objects by light irradiation.

light belong to multiple authorities, such as traffic signals to the ministry of communications, advertising signs to the construction department of the ministry of the interior, mobile advertising, street lamps and over by the local, not centrally managed. Xie Renshuo said, light pollution management guide will finalize before the end of the year, when the heads of the light source unit will be in accordance with the guidelines, decided specifications defined in the respective laws and regulations.

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