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Taiwan kaohsiung remaining 120000 streetlights will replace energy-saving LED lights

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-02

the latest news, according to kaohsiung still has 120000 waiting for replacing traditional street lamp.

according to kaohsiung keep working place, currently has 60 workers have kaohsiung area, and then send the inspection personnel in the past, starting in 2011 to apply for the traditional street light bulbs LED lights, 120000, the follow-up and 120000 traditional street lamps with LED energy-saving lamps, but because of financial difficulties in kaohsiung, switch to PFI ( Private Finance Initiative, the folk financing proposal) Plan, to replace 120000 light traditional street lamps with LED energy-saving lamps, to save electricity every year, again to pay vendors do the street lamp. If after the traditional street lamp in LED energy saving lamps, communicate signals are installed in the above warnings and light once not on, the message will be back to the center, can in time to send to repair.

according to the news report in June, a worker said, kaohsiung city street lamp for the total of more than 230000, three, four years has been to aid 1 billion yuan, Nt, hereinafter the same) 110000 light bulbs traditional street light for energy-saving LED lights, in addition to a year after the completion of bulbs save the electricity consumption of about 95 million degrees, saving electricity about 1. 300 million yuan, also can reduce about 50000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

a worker said, kaohsiung city street light to electricity by the continuous energy saving bulbs LED street lamp has dropped year by year, last year, and the comparison has decreased about 1 in 2014. Electricity, 300 million yuan is power saving effect after the LED bulbs.

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