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Taiwan's kaohsiung city plan full replacement LED street lamp + smart system, by the end of next year to complete

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-22

kaohsiung city street light will have a new style, kaohsiung city to raise working place, said the city has 230000, about 115000, has now been replaced for the LED lamp, the remaining 120000 lamp, is expected to contract out the end of August this year, starts in January next year, to be completed in 1 year full set.

kaohsiung areas said, kaohsiung city street lamp for the total of more than 230000, three, four years has been to aid 1 billion yuan, Nt, hereinafter the same) 110000 light bulbs traditional street light for energy-saving LED lights, in addition to a year after the completion of bulbs save the electricity consumption of about 95 million degrees, saving electricity about 1. 300 million yuan, also can reduce about 50000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

keep working place, according to kaohsiung city street light electricity through continuous energy-saving LED street light bulbs has dropped year by year, last year, and the comparison has decreased about 1 in 2014. Electricity, 300 million yuan is power saving effect after the LED bulbs.

however, even so, kaohsiung city street lamp of electricity is still high, like a street light electricity about 3 last year. 200 million yuan for energy-saving LED street light bulbs actually save expenditure of kaohsiung city's top priority.

therefore, kaohsiung city government in addition to the overall change of LED street lights in the city, will refer to the UK and Japan PFI ( Private Finance Initiative, the folk financing proposal) Spirit of service performance and payment mechanism, to implement save electricity bills to fund after installing the LED street light, has been in promoting the new north city, under the premise that public sector don't increase the budget, electricity will reduce overall.

kaohsiung works establish PFI professional driving group, forecast the end of the year can complete planning, comprehensive change LED lamps and lanterns is about 1 year. Kaohsiung PFI project in addition to the full replacement of LED street light, will evaluate based intelligent system, should consider establishing cable transmission equipment and communication costs, after establishing fault active notification of lamps and lanterns and dispatching control center maintenance, reduce maintenance manpower and funds for the government.

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