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Taiwan's PC makers and pureLiFi cooperation will embed LiFi chip in the computer

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-13

one of the main factors that hinder the LiFi popularity is not embedded in the technology of the end user equipment, at present, the technology of the LiFi need on a laptop, tablet, or other personal electronic products installed on an adapter - — Encryption dog. Now, the Scottish pioneer pureLiFi has taken a step to solve this problem.

the company is located in Edinburgh, said Taiwan's rugged laptops and tablet makers Getac is considering pureLiFi chip embedded Getac products. Getac products can be used in harsh physical environment, including military and electronic devices may be affected the workplace environment, has been the army and police, automobile manufacturers, such as outdoor workers, etc.

Getac is cif (god 3005). Its brands. , the company also announced the news on Wednesday said it will cooperate with pureLiFi that assessment will LiFi technology into product design, improve the ability of the next generation of strong equipment.

Li - Fi use LED lamps and lanterns or other LED light source modulation of light waves, rather than Wi - Fi and cellular radio waves to the wireless data transmission and access to the Internet. It will potentially open the large amount of spectrum, this will help ease the Wi - Fi bandwidth tension, and minimize and Wi Fi related delay and disturbance.

Getac is through its Europe, Middle East and Africa ( EMEA) The team studied the possibility of the technology.

two companies at the same time, said Getac will continue to evaluate the technology with customers, in order to understand the core industry of the best case, and designs LiFi Getac part of product portfolio, and applied to equipment in the future.

both companies did not say which scenario they think most likely to reinforce the type LiFi deployment. Although both companies in the assessment phase, but they all want to Getac promote the commercialization of this technology.

pureLiFi standardization and vice President of business development Nikola Serafimovski said pureLiFi research and design of main OEM components, including LiFi driver and receiver, to integrate mobile devices components was introduced in this year, let LiFi can be passed through any equipment and lighting, while the Getac is LiFi is the first to include them in the product planning of the strong computer equipment company, providing customers with an unparalleled safety, reliability and bandwidth.

Getac said of homeland security, automobiles, industrial manufacturing clients, protection, security and reliability is very important to their business. Compared with those of other wireless solution LiFi is more safe and almost without interference. God base Huang Minghan chairman pointed out that the Getac and pureLiFi cooperation, make the two sides further strong type computer industry pioneer, looking forward to using this innovative technology to provide customers safe, reliable service, to further promote the productivity of the work environment and safety, and base on the attachment of technology with potential god continuously explore, to become customers in extreme challenge in the environment.

in LiFi take another new measures, air France ( 法国航空公司) In from Paris to Toulouse, 图卢兹) On the flight tested LiFi technology, using the LiFi from France Oledcomm company system. The airline said the flights are interested in the future will be used for airborne Internet services.

at the same time, xin's flying with air France electronic integrator Latecoere and south Korean Huneed Technologies, cooperation and help in flight LiFi become a reality.

this year, xin nuo fly also released a new wireless optical communication products, including the world's fastest and most stable commercial LiFi products. With Trulifi brand named this series of products can be applied to existing and new professional lamps and lanterns.

block LiFi universal standard, another factor is that in the standard battle before the dust settles, universal acceptance of equipment manufacturers in the consumer market can be difficult to achieve. It is understood that the international telecommunication union, ITU) And the association of electrical and electronics engineers ( IEEE) Have put forward the solution, gain support from different manufacturers.

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