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Taiwan taichung last traditional street lamp bulbs, further promote the LED street lamp of wisdom

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-14

Taiwan promote street lamp 'plan' the setting sun, taichung city, a total of 20. Now 12 30000 streetlights. 10000 replacement for the LED lamp. Yu 嬿, zhi-zhong xie said that in addition to update the LED street light, the city should also import folk resources, make street light wisdom. Taichung city construction bureau chief Chen Datian said, city budgeted $5 million next year, Nt, hereinafter the same) A feasibility study.

yu 嬿, according to Taiwan to promote mercury lamp sunset plan, to aid in taichung city, 12 so far. 10000 streetlights for LED street light bulbs, but there are 7 to 80000 streetlights not replaced, the LED lamp brightness is higher, but the traditional street light is darker, some sections of one side is another side to traditional street lamp, LED lamp, uneven light and shade, pose a security threat.

zhi-zhong xie said that after the old street lamp LED street light bulbs, save electricity, city of recommendations to further introduce the PFI folk financing proposal system, import folk resources, can under the frame of traditional street light, without any increase in the city under the fiscal expenditure, promote intelligent street lamp.

new change LED lights have 5 years warranty, but from 2015 to date, street lights maintenance budget amount is the same, the more it LED street light bulbs, the greater the number of manufacturer's warranty, city spending for maintenance should be down, asked the city investigate spending.

construction bureau, said the current list 1 every year. 100 million yuan street light, in addition to the maintenance of street lamp, also contains sprinkling of costs, such as street lamps, overhaul and migration in previous years, every year more than 7000 commissioned for, ccba will verify the controls, many street lamp open plan will also return to the bureau of the ministry.

Chen Datian, according to the city of more than 20 streetlights, have 120000 lamp has been changed to LED street lamp, electricity can save more than 8000 ten thousand yuan, every year the city will strive for money, if after replacing, electricity can save hundreds of millions of yuan.

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