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Taiwan taoyuan city, set up the pedestrian crossing warning column LED lighting, improve road safety

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-11

to prevent dimly lit at night, driving and hit passers-by, taoyuan city transport in taoyuan area with five street and art, art two street two crossing a street, pilot set four touches the pedestrian crossing warning column, LED lighting for line by raising the threading lighting, alert drivers to slow down, prevent hit the pedestrians, depending on the results to decide whether to expand the pilot will also.

section chief Huang Jinhong traffic engineering section, according to the city to the ministry of communications for nt $five hundred thousand money, in the taoyuan area art inside the special zone with DE five street and art, art two street two crossing a street the touch type pedestrians crossing the road LED lighting warning column, press the switch before the pedestrian crossing the road, will touch the warning column side warning signs, lighting and hope to improve the shortage problem of pedestrians crossing the night light, improve road safety, and remind be careful when driving across the road the pedestrian.

in addition, transport for reference foreign measures, also in succession since 2016 pilot 'green bottom line stringing', '3 d line stringing', 'zipper line stringing type', 'color line stringing' and 'seeing-eye threading chain line ( Look left look right) 'And so on five different from the traditional color line of the tie lines threading, hope to strengthen the concepts of comity pedestrian, vehicle driving people improve road safety; Many drivers first saw these special zebra crossing will be curious and slow down, but there are some people think that the triple gem will not have a zebra crossing the line.

transport, points out that setting up the campus surrounding green bottom line stringing, high for identification, and the acclaimed, continued on campus surrounding line stringing laid; The other four lines threading, 3 d lines threading is existing pedestrian crossing, using the modified 3 d and color patterns, make a intersection line stringing more show lively; 'Zipper line stringing type' with two component to a zebra crossing, and staggered provide pedestrians more capacious space, and with the arrow design guide pedestrians, travel to avoid collision; 'Seeing-eye threading chain line ( Look left look right) 'The BPN 65 high antiskid coefficient of coating, to avoid pedestrians and vehicles sliding, the other to join the' LOOK LEFT LOOK LEFT 'and' LOOK RIGHT 'LOOK RIGHT on the ground, remind bend when crossing the road, looking to LEFT should confirm to the car, the four lines threading continued observation results, decide whether to expand.

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