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Tax reduction successfully! This kind of LED industry important spare parts import tax rate to 10%

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-10

according to the report, according to the State Council tariff commission recently published on the lower part of the announcement of commodity import tariffs, reduce import tariffs graphite carrying plate put forward by the xiamen customs tariff adjustment Suggestions are adopted, related id number '6815. 1000 of electric appliance with graphite or other carbon products 'import tax rate from 15% to 10%, only every year, xiamen customs related businesses and can save the tax cost more than $ten million.

graphite bearing plate mainly refers to the production of LED semiconductor lighting industry epitaxial wafer source of metal organic chemical vapor deposition equipment used by the loading plate, is a key equipment (production LED epitaxial wafer 金属 The main spare parts. Due to technical threshold is higher, the goods is totally dependent on imports from Europe and the United States and Japan and other countries, the higher the purchase price and import tax rate to some extent, restricted the photoelectric enterprise international competitiveness in China.

when xiamen customs tax investigation found that due to the rising cost of raw material, manpower and international competition intensifies, LED companies face huge cost pressure, especially in the epitaxial wafer cost structure, graphite bearing plate of epitaxial wafer all spare parts consumption proportion is as high as 70% above, thus reduce import tax rates of graphite bearing plate, can effectively reduce the LED epitaxial wafer, chip costs. To help the 'made in China', promote the development of the real economy, xiamen customs for three consecutive years on reducing tariff adjustment Suggestions of graphite bearing plate of import tariffs, ultimately successful prompted the commodity tax reduction.

xiamen customs, large enterprises and industry associations can tariff number column, regulatory documents, or export tariff rebates set problems put forward the proposal to the customs, the customs will through on-the-spot investigation and so on many kinds of research was to carry out the tax and submit it to the superior agency.

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