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Teach you how to extend the life of the family photovoltaic power station

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-05

photovoltaic you may have a little strange, photovoltaic power generation is equivalent to our solar power, in the current environment protection, and energy conservation such strong modern, people began to gradually improve the environmental protection consciousness, begin to use some renewable resources instead of non-renewable resources. Of solar energy has been found is a very good resources, can take advantage of our photovoltaic thus produced. Save a lot of power resources, can effectively bring to environment protection. But in the use of photovoltaic power generation need us on photovoltaic power station for maintenance and maintenance, used in this way can we make it longer.

in general we use fixed number of year of photovoltaic power station in 25 years or so, many abroad using stents are used to make concrete, which can effectively reduce the cost but also can improve life. And you don't use some electronic components technology content is not high, some batteries and other accessories can also affect the service life, we can improve the technology content to improve the life of the hardware.

we also need to regularly check for photovoltaic power generation equipment, check the components to see if there is any breakage of glass, because it is used outdoors all the year round, so can meet the damage situation. Regularly to clean up the surface is able to improve the using effect.

overall, want to improve the service life of the whole, we will have to come from both inside and outside two aspects.

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