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Technical innovation of solar street lights will be better prospects for development

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-05

in general, solar street light is only suitable for use in sunny natural environment, but in cloudy or rainy days, there is no much use. Although sometimes a battery can store electricity for a rainy day, but in the part of insufficient light, this technique is inefficient in terms of efficiency and cost.

however, the latest solar street light is a good way to solve this problem. It is reported that they used on solar panels, a new technology called friction power to catch the rain energy as it falls. Nano generator is a device converts mechanical energy into usable electrical energy. It can take advantage of rainfall in a very small range to reach that goal. Using the technique of solar panels is very light, still can be installed on the roof. Researchers will different transparent plastic or the middle tier of the polymer materials embedded in between cane and solar cells. Due to the several layers of structure is connected, but each layer can work independently, so solar panels can generate electricity in different weather conditions.

the current impact of the new technology promotion and application of the bottleneck is the product of the high cost of production. If you can solve, even in the due to insufficient light is considered not suitable for the area of solar energy collection, solar street light also can work effectively. Relevant scholars shows that, although restricted by weather conditions, as a clean energy, solar street lamps outlook still immeasurably. At present, the cost of the lamps in the commercial installation of solar panels is dropping, the next is also a wide prospect in the development of the new technology.

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