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Technical reference requirements for poles of solar garden lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-15
  1. The main solar garden light pole adopts one-step forming technology. The welding seam of the steel pole is required to be flat and smooth. The protrusion part of the welding seam of the whole pole body and the flatness of the pole body should not be more than 1mm. The lamp pole welding is an automatic sub-arc welding method, and the colored flaw detection inspection has reached the welding international standard requirements. The lamp pole socket method is fixed by nails and top wires;
  2, the anti-corrosion treatment method of the light pole is hot-dip galvanizing, the galvanized layer surface is smooth and beautiful, the gloss is consistent, no wrinkles, flow, zinc tumors, spots, yin and yang surface defects exist, the thickness of the zinc layer is above 85um The adhesion of the galvanized layer must meet the standard to ensure that it will not fade for 8 years. The wind resistance of the light pole is designed at 36.9 m/s, and the anti-corrosion life of the light pole must be more than 20 years;
  3, the thickness of the surface of the light pole is sprayed plastic ≧100um, the surface is smooth: the hardness is ≧ 2H, the weather resistant material used outdoors, the sprayed material is all polyester plastic powder;
  4. Light pole craftsmanship and acceptance standards are implemented in accordance with national standards. The design factor is 1.8, and the design life of the pole should be more than 20 years;
  5. The design of the pole of the solar garden light should be convenient for wire connection, and the hand hole door adopts the form of backpack door. The pole door must be flat and smooth, and the deviation from the level of the pole should be no more than 1mm. The same lamp pole door must have a good match with the door, and meet the anti-theft and rain-proof requirements. After the pole door is cut, it is partially strengthened to basically reach the strength of the original integral pole;
  6. Appearance color: According to the color specified by the owner.

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