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The 2019 China Intelligent Lighting Forum was successfully held!

The 2019 China Intelligent Lighting Forum was successfully held!


On December 12, 2019, the China Intelligent Lighting Forum was successfully held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang!

This forum is sponsored by China Lighting Association, Zhejiang Lighting Association, Zhejiang Lighting Association, Jiangsu Lighting Association, Jiangsu Lighting Association, Guangdong Lighting Association, Gaoyou Lighting Association, Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Lighting Federation, As a support unit, the Guangdong Smart Pole Industry Alliance also received Zhejiang Fangda Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing Likong IOT Technology Co., Ltd., Infineon Electronics (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Jingfeng Mingyuan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., Suzhou Newx Power Technology Co., Ltd., Guodian Nanrui Technology Co., Ltd., Op Lighting Co., Ltd., Shanghai Changhui Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Hongyan Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. and other units strongly support! Thank you also for the great support from well-known media such as China Illuminating Magazine, China Light Net, etc.!

The theme of this conference is "intelligent manufacturing to ensure quality, innovation to promote application" as the theme. Invited guests, leaders, experts, professors from various institutes, electrical lighting designers and representatives of Party A, urban lighting management office, and application parties to attend meeting! There were 200 guests at the meeting, and the atmosphere was quite warm!

The moderators of the forum report sessions were: Lu Jiadong, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the Jiangsu Lighting Association; Yu Yanqiu, Chairman of the Jiangsu Lighting Association; Wang Zhuo, Secretary General of the China Lighting Association; and Ling Yingming, Chairman of the Zhejiang Lighting Association.

 After the opening speech by Wang Zhuo, secretary general of China Lighting Association, Zhang Jianlin, secretary general of China Intelligent Lighting Forum and editor-in-chief of China Lighting Association's "Lighting" magazine presided over the opening ceremony.

Diao Zhifeng, Vice President of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. gave a wonderful speech on "5G NBIOT Enable Smart Lighting"! 5G NBIOT has entered a period of market outbreak. Huawei is committed to industrial promotion, cross-industry innovation of the lighting industry and NBIOT, and provides a complete solution to contribute to the development of the lighting industry!

Sun Quanming, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Fangda Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd. gave a keynote speech on "Some Thoughts on the Construction of Smart Road Lighting Management System"! Summarizing the problems that trouble the owners in the process of building a smart lighting management platform, such as interconnection, interchangeability, etc., combined with the experience and trends of overseas markets, brought a common platform based on open architecture to the participants, as well as various special systems. The solution is integrated using loose coupling technology such as MQTT, and it is recommended to use general tool software to further reduce the difficulty of user's autonomous integration!

Li Xiaoming, Chairman of Nanjing Likong IoT Technology Co., Ltd. gave a wonderful report on "New Progress in Smart Lighting and" One-stop Solution for Likong ""! Mr. Li's speech introduced the new progress of the four sections of outdoor smart lighting (centralized control, single light control, management platform, and smart light pole) from a practical perspective, and shared the full range of product management and management matrix One-stop solution.

Bureau Veritas' Electronics and Electrical Department takes the new requirements for energy efficiency of lighting products in the EU market as the theme. This lecture mainly introduces the scope of the newly promulgated regulations, the main changes of the old and new regulations, the matters needing attention for lighting products entering the EU market, The timeline for the implementation of the new regulations provides a technical reference for lighting manufacturers exporting to the EU market.

Yang Biao, Sales Director of East China Region of Shanghai Jingfeng Mingyuan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. takes the theme of "Jingfeng Intelligent Manufacturing, Mingyuan originated from Core Creation" Core "to help intelligent cross-border". Jingfeng Mingyuan launched a series of smart lighting driver solutions for dimming and color matching, auxiliary power supply, connected to smart modules such as WIFI / BLE / Zigbee / 2.4G, together with intelligent AI voice speakers, mobile APP cloud services, and jointly building a smart lighting one stop Solutions to help customers quickly realize intelligent lighting. In terms of smart home, Jingfeng Mingyuan provides auxiliary power supply solutions, high / low voltage DC brushless motor solutions, induction lighting and smart fan lamp overall solutions. Jingfeng is intelligently made, and it is derived from the core. Jingfeng Mingyuan helps to create a "core" to help intelligent life.

Professor Yan Chongguang of Peking University Microelectronics Institute gave a wonderful speech on "Development Trends of Smart Power Chip Integrated Multi-Core"! It will be an inevitable trend that heterogeneous multi-core packaging recreates the glory of integrated circuits! By integrating integrated circuit chips with different functions through 2D planar packaging, 3D stacked packaging, or 2D + 3D hybrid packaging, a new integrated circuit with a single integrated package chip that has multiple functions or system functions is realized. It provides a feasible technical path for the design of ultra-miniaturization and intelligence of the new generation of electronic products! The intelligent modularity of the power supply can be realized as soon as possible! The multi-core integrated new-generation power chip can automatically collect various sensor signals and intelligently process them, and intelligently output various control functions or data streams according to the design program requirements. If it is used in lighting, it can intelligently control LED lighting sources, LED lighting fixtures, and local scene lighting systems, or control its own system.

Jiang Buheng, Deputy Director of Market Planning Center of Infineon Electronics (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. made a keynote speech on "Intelligent Road Lighting LED Drive Power Solutions". It mainly describes the current status and development trend of the LED drive power industry, as well as solutions for intelligent LED drive power for road lighting.

Zhou Bin, senior engineer of GD Nanrui Technology Co., Ltd. took the theme of "public lighting safety management and control system" and pointed out that the public lighting safety situation is severe, conventional leakage protection has a dead zone, and it cannot be used in outdoor lighting power distribution systems. The device can extract the fault leakage current from the inherent leakage circuit of the power distribution system and protect it, solving the problem of protection dead zone and promoting the solution of outdoor lighting safety problems.

Su Huancheng, Deputy Secretary General of Guangdong Smart Pole Industry Alliance, gave a speech entitled "Thinking about the Development of Smart Light Pole in the 5G Era". The official commercialization of 5g in China and the steady deployment of network deployment are one of the important opportunities driving the development of the smart light pole market. At the same time, the construction of smart light poles also provides key carriers and support for 5G coverage and application business landing. The two are matched in two directions and promote mutual growth. However, the role of the 5G tuyere should be calmly viewed not to stimulate the short-term market, but to open up a sustainable market space for smart light poles, although the market speed and scale depend on the deployment of 5G and the progress of business operations. Finally, I have provided suggestions for the market development of smart light pole enterprises in the 5G era.

Xiningfei (China) Investment Co., Ltd. zhaga China group technical expert Zhang Yuning made a wonderful report on "Zhaga Standard Industry Application and Standard Adoption Progress"! Zhaga is a technology alliance dedicated to the modularization of LED lamps. The book 18 is about the interconnection and interconnection of smart street lights.

Feng Changwu, chief engineer of Shanghai CHZ Lighting Co., Ltd. gave a keynote speech entitled "The Internet of Things empowers traditional lighting and helps the industry to transform and upgrade". Starting from the three new trends of smart lighting, health lighting, dynamic lighting, and on-demand lighting, we shared the application of Changhui lighting dimming technology in smart hotels, underground parking lots, and smart classrooms to quickly realize the construction of intelligent lighting systems and complete intelligent transformation upgrade.

Liu Feng, a senior engineer of China Mobile Communications Design Institute Co., Ltd., gave a wonderful report entitled "Analysis of the Possibility of Integrating Communication Base Stations and Lighting". This paper analyzes the application characteristics of communication base stations and the lighting devices, which are promoted by public facilities construction, reasonable application of energy, and new technologies, to better integrate the possibility of co-construction.

In the end, it was the interactive session. There was a close discussion and exchange between everyone, and the atmosphere was warm.

After a day of arranging a tight and detailed meeting agenda, you have learned a lot! The forum closed successfully with everyone's applause!

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