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The advantages and disadvantages of new rural solar street lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-18

The main factors affecting the price of solar street lights and other lighting products are the power of solar cell modules and the capacity of batteries. High-power and large-capacity configurations are bound to pay higher costs; on the contrary, the price can be reduced. The storage battery can be composed of different system configurations according to different usage requirements. Therefore, customers should choose a scientific and reasonable configuration plan according to actual needs in order to obtain higher product cost performance.

Compared with conventional lighting, Chang Hui briefly describes the advantages and disadvantages of solar street lights:
1. It can be installed independently, without digging trenches, burying wires, and backfilling, saving construction costs;
2 There is no need to purchase power capacity-increasing equipment, saving the cost of corresponding supporting equipment;
3. The solar lamp can realize automatic control, without personnel management, saving management expenses;
4. Ask for energy from the sun instead of using conventional electric energy to save operating costs;
5. Easy maintenance, no electric shock accidents, safe to use.
Disadvantages (choice concerns)
1. The overall efficiency is directly affected by the intensity of local sunshine, and cannot meet the installation needs in areas with insufficient sunshine;
2. Solar cell modules must receive direct sunlight and avoid obstructions, and the specific installation location will be limited;
3. Without considering the construction, operation, and maintenance costs, the initial investment cost of a single lamp is slightly higher;
4. If solar cell modules are installed on a light pole, the overall wind resistance needs to be considered, and the investment will be slightly higher than that of an ordinary light pole.

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