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The advantages and disadvantages of photovoltaic power generation

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-08

in the development of society and the progress of the country, not only with the discovery of the photovoltaic power generation, can also choose to windmills, every job in the specification, this is the progress of civilization, to meet the needs of people, but in the use of photovoltaic power generation, you will feel this is also with the advantages and disadvantages, the following is the characteristics of the two, to list, to look at, can choose to focus on and see if there will be some help to myself.

a, advantages, in photovoltaic power generation is without fear of running out of energy problem, and within the control of safety, not too many high decibel noise, even on the issue of environmental pollution, also is a kind of phenomenon to ensure the clean and no pollution, also need not worry will be affected by the limitation of some resources, when some bad topography is very complex, can also use photovoltaic power generation, the building roof can be as a method of using the advantages of both can simply accept energy sources can also know damage degree is relatively small.

2 and disadvantages, but will find in the photovoltaic power generation, because solar irradiation, so get a lot of energy distribution density is relatively small, so the choice of position is to have some of the area is large, in the whole of either cloudy or sunny days all the year round, day or night, weather conditions are have mutual affinity, starting from these aspects, it is easy to appear higher than that of the cost of electricity is bad.

for the introduction of photovoltaic power generation is more than two kinds, for your help, can choose to look at.

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