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The advantages of street lamp transformation

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-02

street lamp is a kind of indispensable traffic facilities, it can provide vision for our presence. Help us to light the night road, make travel more convenient and quick. So the lights also can be said to be the light in our night. But with the continuous development of science and technology, we pay more and more attention to with the idea of saving energy, as they used to produce some of the street lamp, consume resources more quickly, will form a big power waste. So we want to street lamp, street lamp lights become more energy-efficient, more in line with the demand of the modern, and now the making craft of street lamp was much better than it used to be.

as a lot of the old street lamp, it is generally used before the tungsten, tungsten is a yellow street lights, lighting effect in the very rare now, because tungsten is tungsten wick, so at the time of use, sometimes the bulb shell blackened, result in dim lighting effect, and the service life of tungsten is shorter, use for a period of time will be replaced.

street renovation is generally the old bulb, with more durable LED bulbs. LED bulbs is more popular in recent years a light bulb, is not only a street lamp, a lot of families are beginning to use LED bulbs. Because LED bulbs use it very energy saving save electricity, and illumination is appropriate, will not have much impact, and very long service life.

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