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The Brazilian city of belo horizonte upgrade 18. 20000 sets of lights, electricity cost savings of 50%

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-30

it is reported that the southeastern Brazilian city of belo horizonte ( Belo Horizonte) By adopting new LED, upgrade the 18. 20000 sets of lights, the realization of electricity cost savings of 50%. At the same time, new LED lights to improve the safety of the city's roads.

it is understood that this LED upgrade is Brazil Belo Horizointe Ilumina? aoPublica( BHIP) Between xin nuo fly first major public lighting part of the public-private partnership. This project began in 2017 and studied all the public lighting points, provide information on every street, arrange timely delivery and installation. So far, the installation of the project has been finished 90%.

source: xin nuo fly

LED energy efficiency higher than traditional lamps and lanterns, upgraded to the LED street lamp, municipal authorities to save more than 50% of the electricity costs. This is expected to 3. 40000 the Brazilian electricity consumption in a year. In addition, due to the working life of the LED street lamp 5 times longer than traditional street lamps, the city in terms of maintenance and materials section will cost.

message display, xin nuo fly has with belo horizonte city more than two years of cooperation, high quality lights for the city and people provides a series of chance, such as road safety, the public space of light and energy efficiency.

new LED lights all by xin fly in Brazil factory, covers installation area of 6 square kilometers. Avenue street lamp is equipped with remote management service, help BHIP are easier to manage the street lamp.

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