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The central city of upgrade street lighting, new street light with dimming function

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-11

a few days ago, the central city of Columbia, Missouri, made the centre of the city council will review a lighting project, and provide appropriate for funds to decide whether to approve.

it is reported that the city council is considering are replaced with new street in the center of the old street lamp, new street light with dimming function, and the lights can be programmed, so that in a specific time period to brighten, reduce the crime rate and improve security.

the manager of a local pizza shop Kurt Mirtsching said that if lighting project for public security, he will support the project, 'I think it's the center of the city lights enhance won't hurt anything, it will only help. I think this is a good thing, we should try. '

he said,' many restaurants out of business when at night will light up the lights of the internal, so give you a hint, even if the shop is closed, and people can stay on the outside of the store, perhaps this will be a good thing. '

at present, as part of the pilot project, in the heart of the city has been installed six lights.

if the project is approved, will replace about 100 lamp and light pole.

if the city council approved, will invest up to $270000, in the center of CID will be responsible for $30000.

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