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The choose and buy solar panels need to be aware of three questions

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-09

in the city, in addition to some street reconstruction, for some electric power equipment is not complete, or laying cable is very troublesome, energy-saving, environmental protection, easy installation of solar street light also is right choice, but the premise is how to choose a durable and good quality solar panels to ensure smooth power, today we will talk about how to choose the solar panels.

1。 Monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and amorphous silicon solar panels is the commonly used three kinds of materials. Among them, the single crystal silicon photoelectric conversion rate is highest, is more expensive, followed by polysilicon, amorphous silicon is relatively low and unstable, monocrystalline silicon four horns and a cutting Angle, roughly arc, blue gray, the texture is relatively simple; Polysilicon is square horn, mostly gray surface, impurity; Amorphous silicon surface is very clear and smooth, can't see the grid lines, so consumers can according to the above hints when buy.

2。 A lot of consumer is buying when they ignore the panel on the back of the solar street lamps. This place is mainly depends on its pressure effect. In the process of applying pressure on the back, if there are no air bubbles and wrinkles uneven situation, the panel is qualified in this area.

3。 In general, the panel border are mechanical operation and polished, so as to better ensure the precision of the border, and the appearance of rigor, some imperfect equipment manufacturers, there is no way to guarantee the precision of the border. Will reduce the degree of tibial panel and frame, affect the service life of the solar street light.

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