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The Cleveland installation LED street lights and cameras, increasing the safety of the community

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-10

according to foreign media reports, the United States in Cleveland in the next 18 months will be a $35 million ( About 2. 3. 9 billion yuan) Project, on the road to install LED lights and about 1000 cameras, hoping to be able to solve the problem of crime and make the community more secure.

the mayor Frank Jackson said, 'these lights will have greater illumination brightness, we can also according to the need to increase or reduce the lighting brightness'.

'cameras will be installed in the center of the entertainment or the main park is about 300 meters within the scope of', and points out that the police will determine the frequent crime of 'hot spots'.

in addition, he pointed out that in order to test infrastructure needed for the project work, will choose two pilot. The city hired a project manager, on behalf of Cleveland, and taxpayers, responsible for each stage of the work and test, to ensure normal operation.

utilities director Robert Davis, said these LED lights will have 'smart photovoltaic and adaptive control device, we can open and close, dim and provide power management, and get rid of the current driven by complaints system. '

Cleveland police chief Calvin D. Williams said, 'light and visibility are natural enemies of the crime and disorder', saying the camera is equipped with new lighting will help to ensure the security of the city. He pointed out that the mayor will be announced 'is expected later this year' another technology, in order to help combat violent crime in the city.

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