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the comparison between led street lighting and conventional lighting

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-03-20
Street lights are very important when driving at night.
That is why it is one of the most important factors to keep traffic open and safe after sunset.
As the number of vehicles and roads increases, the demand for such vehicles and roads is also increasing.
For years, the various companies involved in making this lamp have been enjoying huge demand.
Until 1990 seconds, they used incandescent lamps using high pressure sodium or mercury vapor.
The increase in the number of street lights means that more energy is needed to light the street lights.
Sodium and mercury lamps consume a lot of electricity.
In the early 90 s, the power consumption of such lighting exceeded the expected level.
Scientists began to look for an energy-saving option.
After many studies, LED street lamps have become the best street lamps in the world.
Not only do they consume less energy than conventional sodium or mercury lamps, but they also produce better light.
They also live longer.
All these qualities have transformed major cities in the United States and Europe from traditional LED street lamps to LED street lamps.
Initially, they worked hard to make high-quality LED lights and couldn\'t replace more power-hungry lights, but the technology has gotten better and better over time, with LED light systems being used in most big cities recently.
This not only saves a lot of money, but also improves the quality of lighting.
Both qualities save a lot of money for such users.
LED street lamps are an example of integrated lights.
The bulb is not separated from the panel.
In fact, a set of LED bulbs is sealed on the panel where the radiator is attached to the panel.
The radiator is used to absorb the heat generated by the LED radiator.
A high-power LED bulb is usually used to make this kind of lighting, but now various companies have started using a set of low-power LED lights to get the same output.
The traditional street light has a reflector behind the bulb, which usually results in a significant loss of lighting.
It causes light pollution.
The glare generated by this lamp is also not safe for drivers.
There is usually a lens on the LED panel, which can not only prevent the loss of the lights, but also give them a good-
A rectangular pattern defined.
They don\'t create any glare either.
Overall, LED street lamps have many advantages over traditional lighting.
The biggest advantage is low power consumption.
Compared with mercury lamps of 35 lm/w, the power efficiency level of LED lights is higher, from 80-
100lm/w now.
In addition to being more energy efficient, they are also eco-friendly because they are solid-state lights and are also very long --lasting.
The life of this type is 50000 to 100000 hours, far more than any traditional light.
All of these qualities make LED street lights the preferred way to illuminate the road.
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