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The cover of the trees have what effect on the solar street lights maintenance?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-04

for solar street lights maintenance and prolong its service life is the need to constantly technological progress. Consequently, the installation of solar street light after routine maintenance is also very important, if not good maintenance, its service life will reduce. In the modern technology of solar street lamps, its service life is more obvious than traditional street lamps, can give full play to its advantages, play a greater value.

before installation should avoid this problem. If installing solar street light wooded, can affect too strict panels for the conversion of light energy, so the solar panel will not be able to ensure normal power of storage battery. So where to install solar street light must not shelter, especially during the summer, as the leaves grow more lush, so you need to pay more attention to this problem. Second is the problem of the radiator clean, because we all know that the solar street light is the use of light energy into electricity, so take a day of heat energy is very big, so the radiator if blocked, it is easy to cause the solar street light due to the bad heat dissipation and cause the damage of the lamp holder, so for solar street lights maintenance factory at the time of maintenance for the two problems of inspection is also very important.

that is about the impact of solar street lights maintenance trees may, hope can bring you some help, pay more attention to content may be subsequent updates on this site, if you have any questions, also can contact us directly.

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