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The development trend of solar street light

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-13

in recent years, along with the solar power as a clean energy is known by the public, as some solar street lamps, including some parks use of solar energy lawn lamp appear in the view of consumers. By contrast, has a lot of advantages, so also has been widely used. But any product has its own short board, not perfect, just in different working environment, relatively more advantages, so in the face of the market of energy-saving lamps, led lamps and lanterns, solar music, how to development and innovation, and how to overcome the flaws of the products, improve their competitiveness.

in the first place for solar street light, does not need to laying line power, so it is very important to the quality of the solar panels is, and the battery life is too short, for the protection of the environment is very bad, but also would increase the cost of solar street light, so in general should choose high performance battery. Followed by vibration is prone to damage, including the control of the power is, without a reasonable configuration, can only lead to the rise in the cost. Now finally is pay attention to the system matching of products, in order to cater to the market, many manufacturers of advancing with The Times, only paying attention to product appearance but neglect the practicability of the product itself.

the above is for the trend of the development of the solar street light is a simple story, if you are interested in more can continue reading before, and also can focus on the subsequent updates.

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