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The development trend of sports lighting

The development trend of sports lighting


Through the ongoing Qatar World Cup and the Beijing Winter Olympics at the beginning of the year, we can see the development trend of sports lighting. Let's share and discuss with you a few points.

TV broadcasting technology promotes the development of sports lighting: sports broadcasting has now entered the era of ultra-high-definition (UHDTV) broadcasting. In order to ensure the quality of broadcasting images, higher requirements are placed on the light environment. The following table shows the lighting indicators for ultra-high-definition TV broadcasting. The vertical illuminance requirements are changed from the previous average value, and the minimum value is adopted. The minimum value of 1600lx is converted into an average value of about 2200lx, which is very demanding! In addition to the traditional CRI, color rendering also requires TLCI indicators. In addition, the indicator of strobe ratio has been added.

Table 1 Lighting indicators for ultra-high-definition television broadcasting (UHDTV)

Changes in the classification of sports lighting: the classification of sports lighting is not only related to the level of buildings, but also closely related to the level of events. In this regard, FIFA directly adopts the event level to determine the stadium site lighting and its power supply level. The site lighting of the World Cup football match is an A-level standard, which has strict requirements.

There is no suspense about sports lighting sources: LED and metal halide lamps, and LED is gradually gaining the upper hand.

p The development of technical parameters and indicators: higher illuminance, more uniform uniformity, stricter strobe ratio, and more requirements for color rendering (TLCI, Ra, R9), as shown in Table 1.

New trend of lighting arrangement: the football field can be arranged in a circle, breaking through the previous regulations. Snow sports are mostly decorated with lights on both sides of the mountain.

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