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The difference between led solar lawn lights and ordinary lawn lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-17
With the development of LED technology, LED light sources are increasingly used in outdoor lighting. Solar lawn lights are now also beginning to use led light sources, although only the light source is different, led lawn lights are far from ordinary lawn lights. The working life of Led solar lawn lights can reach more than 100,000 hours, and the working voltage is very low. Compared with ordinary lawn lights, it saves 2 times the electric energy, and the LED solar lawn lights have high color rendering index and high resolution, which does not affect People's normal activities lighting.
The design of solar lawn lights is to use lighting and beautification as a whole. The advantages are light and small size, convenient installation and strong decoration. Compared with ordinary lawn lights, led solar lawn lights are more energy-saving.
From the perspective of production cost, ordinary lawn light source is about 0.2 yuan, while LED light source is about 1.2 yuan, but from the perspective of service life, the life of ordinary lawn lights is only 6000 hours, while LED solar lawn lights can reach More than 100,000 hours.
In the long run, led solar lawn lights are more cost-effective and more stable.

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