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The different modes can be opened, LED street lamp of artificial intelligence to realize function of lighting

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-04

in different seasons, different times environment conditions, the LED brightness will have different, can you believe that?

from chongqing city bureau of urban management system of scientific research achievements transformation news briefing, chongqing company bear the 'Internet of things more color temperature prevent mist haze artificial intelligence LED street light green lighting demonstration project' project, through the use of the Internet of things intelligent color temperature of LED lamps and lanterns, can according to different season, weather, visibility, and climate data such as temperature, automatically adjust the color temperature, and in foggy and other abnormal climate, can also be targeted to open different pattern, realize the function of lighting.

in addition, the street lights and intelligent terminal sensing system, can be to monitor the running status of each lamp can be all-weather theft information acquisition cable, lamps and lanterns, and the automatic alarm information classification.

at present, the products have been in yuzhong district along the binjiang road HongYa hole, dishes yuen road, yellow sand, eling, tea slag field road, ocean, yongchuan city new district, and other places on a large scale applications.

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