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The emergence of solar products has brought great changes to people's life, from the solar water heater to solar cars to solar street lamps later

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-15

remember when I was a child, the road at night is drift away in the yellow lights, these lights added a lot of happiness to our childhood, we can under the night with a friend wait to play games, we can wait to listen to the adults under the interesting story. But as time goes on, the yellow lights gradually replaced by bright solar street lamp, our world at night also began to become rich and colorful, how science and technology bring us changes is so fantasy.

the emergence of solar street lights, not only convenient our life, it is important to other resources, it can help mankind to save more belongs to clean energy, and solar energy will not bring pollution to the living environment of people, greatly restrict the other resources destruction of the living environment, so now more and more cities began to introduce green lighting project, make the solar street light instead of traditional street lamps light up the night of the world for mankind.

say solar garden light, we know that the so-called solar garden light, is the use of solar energy as the light source, street lighting lamps and lanterns of energy conservation and environmental protection. When solar garden lamp installed without regular maintenance, possible failure, when the fault occurs when we want to know the cause of the failure, then can be processed. So, solar garden light what is the cause of the failure?

1, the material does not pass: material quality low solar garden light is the main reason for the failure.

2, poor quality of construction, in the process of the use of solar garden light, because the proportion of construction quality caused by the fault is also bigger.

3, unreasonable design: on the one hand is due to the overload operation, on the other hand, joint production does not conform to the requirements, this is also a major cause of failure.

4, form a complete set of engineering quality is not high, solar garden light cable is generally spread on the sidewalk, the pavement construction quality is relatively poor.
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