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The eu plans to upgrade 10 million street lamp as 'smart lamp'

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-28

according to European Union statistics, Europe there are as many as 90 million street lamp, three-quarters of them have been used more than 25 years. Street lighting accounts for about half of the energy budget in some cities, only install energy-saving bulb can save every year close to 2 billion euros ( $2. 3 billion) 。

the European Union's slogan is: 'a small lamp can do ten things, has nothing to do with the lighting', plan to upgrade 10 million lamp, make them be able to provide a series of solar intelligent lamp wisdom urban services.

smart lamp can be 5 g connection of sensor network provides the basis for the city to monitor vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow, can also be used to provide free public WiFi network. Intelligent lamp will provide public information through digital display and speakers, and air quality measurement and monitoring streets flood situation, thus improving the security of the citizens. A lamppost sensors will have a variety of purposes, from help visually handicapped navigation city to alert the driver empty parking space.

and the municipal government will be able to through the use of intelligent lamp to operate digital advertising or for electric vehicle charging point, get revenue to offset the cost of the smart light.

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