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The first article brigade camp of light and shadow to create smooth class in shenzhen

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-01

with the steady development of economy and improvement of the quality of life, people thirst for spiritual culture which nourish the rapid development of travel industry. Night view lighting and light show this kind of new technology, integration of sound and light, forming the features of text brigade project. But how to represent the text brigade, how to attract traffic, is the most key elements of the project.

text brigade, light and shadow to create camp opened in shenzhen

23 August, sponsored by the China lighting network, China lighting academy's education and training guidance work committee, shenzhen love clay assisted text brigade, science and technology co. , LTD. Light and shadow to create camp in smooth class in shenzhen, at the same time, create camp has specialized urban lighting academy emerging designers professional committee's support. The create camp for public courses, lighting designers from all over the country and nearly 60 people in shenzhen, to have a journey about wen lighting the depth of the discussion.

, general manager of China lighting network address Ding Yun high

in the opening ceremony, China lighting network managing Ding Yun high said in his speech, many cities are now in cultural tourism, but how to attract tourists 'stay'? In may this year, sha county government in cooperation with the China lighting network BBS held a light. Sha county is famous for its snacks throughout the country, but sha county tourism is unlikely to allow passengers to stay. And sha county development brigade lighting, from 'snack city' to 'cultural city', the key to the tourists for a night. The using text brigade camp of light and shadow to create opportunities, also wish you designer to communicate, share experiences and views, to discuss article brigade in the project.

from August 22 to August 25, DiaoXu, stefan buehler, YueFengZhao, MuHuai four roughly experienced mentor, respectively for the text brigade design, illumination and show filming, contextualized application in night view lighting intelligent control, visual arts and stage design, development and operations brigade at the core of key and other professional courses are taught, in addition, also add to fit in the form of solid exercise, to strengthen the teaching of rigor.

the trip class of light and shadow to create camp, is a hot spot in China lighting network of industry with a combination of talent cultivation. China lighting network will continue to shoulder the task of the lighting of talent training, and constantly to adjust teaching contents according to the market and industry development, advancing with The Times, efforts to produce more and more excellent students, actively promote the development of lighting science and technology of China.

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